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Sanitising and cleaning with foamers for food safety

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19/05/2020 10:00:00 AM

Regulations, public expectations and competitive pressures require businesses to maintain and properly sanitise production areas, machinery and equipment. In today’s world, food contamination can panic people or cripple industries half a world away.

For a food grower, transporter, processor or retailer, ensuring sanitary conditions on a constant basis is a critical factor in the mission to maintain safe food.

Choosing the right fogging system for food safety and odour control

For many applications, foam chemicals work better by maintaining contact on the surface for longer periods of time. When the chemical has done its job to break down and loosen debris, less water is required for rinsing so the cleaning process uses less water compared to high-pressure water applications.

Whether you need to sanitise, deodorise, humidify or spot clean, choosing the right foaming equipment is the key to save time, money and water.

  • Getting a fogger powered by compressed air: the compressed air creates venturi action that draws a pre-mixed chemical solution up the chemical tube into the fogger body where it is atomised. Depending on the model of fogger chosen, a wet, damp, or dry fog is produced. Some of these machines the fog can be “fine tuned” by adjusting the air pressure and/or by regulating the solution flow with optional metering tips.
  • Sanitising large areas: Pump fed operational controllers should be your choice if you need to sanitise large areas with multiple fogger units and/or fogging zones. They are used to set operating parameters such as time delay, timed fogging and sequencing options. For safety and hygiene purposes, a chemical check valve should be set up to prevent drips after shutdown.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning vehicles: Foamers that use boosted water pressure in the range of 850 to 2400 kpa, and compressed air are what is needed to achieve extremely fast coverage of vehicles and large work areas. Large foamers such as Lafferty Mega Foamers can project foam to 12m or more, vertically, allowing one operator to cover more area from one location. With no compressed air required, these foamers can be used anywhere a pressure washer or high-pressure water system is in use.

Lafferty Equipment by Spray Nozzle Engineering has been successfully used for cleaning and sanitising workplaces and plants in New Zealand and Australia. Contact us and our experts in sanitising will be happy to help you.


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