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Selecting the right industrial sanitising equipment

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30/04/2020 9:31:00 AM

Selecting the right industrial sanitising equipment is more important than ever

Many factories, hospitals and workplaces in Australia and New Zealand have announced new cleaning and disinfection protocols to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Sanitising procedures to address COVID-19 are very similar to cleaning for other common viruses, but public health officials suggest increasing both the cleaning frequency, and increasing the coverage of sanitising agents.

It is crucial to assist in improved sanitising of commercial spaces to help eradicate viruses. Cleaning smooth surfaces is easier than eradicating it from carpet and fabrics, and with manual cleaning attempts, it is difficult to ensure complete disinfection, due to a number of challenges:

  • Re-contamination from dirty cleaning tools / traffic
  • Improper use and delivery of cleaning liquids
  • Selecting incorrect sanitising equipment

Therefore, proper and safe sanitising of office buildings, healthcare facilities, factories, machines and equipment has become more challenging. Fortunately, choosing the right fogger and sanitiser machine can help disinfect critical spaces and protect public health and industries.

Spray Nozzle Engineering, has a variety of fogging and sanitising equipment, as well as custom-made solutions for delivering sanitising agents in a dry or wet fog. Our products such as Lafferty spray and fog units available in both fixed, portable and handheld, can help you reduce the spread of viruses to keep the work areas cleaner. Our foaming equipment is used worldwide in high-traffic areas such as airport terminals, shopping centres, train stations as well as factories and industrial processes. We can even assist with entry way sanitising solutions for busy industrial faculty entry by personnel and fork lifts.

Contact us and our team of experts will assist you choosing the right equipment to help you disinfect and sanitise all kinds of spaces.

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