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Patented sealing method for disc nozzles reduce risk of blockage

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10/12/2019 11:57:00 AM

Shower disc nozzles are well known and used in the pulp and paper industries for washing and spraying applications, due to their low profile configuration and flat fan and needle jet spray patterns. 

Spray Nozzle Engineering have created the ‘OIS’ (Orifice Insert System) system on all their ruby orifice shower disc nozzles; a unique and patented mechanical sealing method, without the use of adhesives or glues.

Because the ruby orifices are crimped into place, instead of using adhesive anchors, the risk of premature orifice dislodgement as a result of water hammer, line shock or cleaning operations is greatly reduced, including the life and reliability of the nozzle.

As the nozzle orifice protrudes into the spray header or delivery pipe, the potential for blockage is reduced. When used in conjunction with a self cleaning shower head or manifold, the risk of nozzle blockage is reduced even further. 

Spray Nozzle Engineering offer shower disc nozzles with either stainless steel, ceramic or ruby orifices; the hard wearing, ruby orifice offering more a more accurate spray pattern for longer. 

Various spray patterns are available including needle jet, flat fan and blank discs, with standard spray angles of 0°, 30° and 60° (other angles available upon request) and a large range of flow rates. 

The shower disc nozzle series can be used to replace existing shower discs or as a complete system on new spray manifolds; weld on sockets and retaining nuts allow the entire shower disc assembly to be used for new installations. 

Spray Nozzle Engineering also stock a range of quick change, ‘snap disc’ nozzle holder systems, to make changing nozzles in spray bars quick and easy.


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