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When to Use Spray Systems in the Food and Engineering Industries

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19/11/2019 12:40:00 PM

Both the food and engineering industries use automatic spray nozzles in several different applications because they speed up daily processes. The most common uses are: 

Food Processing Industry

  •         Application of antimicrobial agents for food safety
  •         Application of egg wash
  •         Application of preservatives and mould inhibitors to help extend shelf life
  •         Apply coatings and release agents to pans, cookie sheets, and conveyors to prevent sticking
  •         Apply flavourings, oil, and butter to enhance the appearance and improve the taste of products
  •         Apply water to balance moisture loss from the freezing process
  •         Coat bottles to minimise scuff damage


Engineering Industry

  •         Add surface moisture before pressing boards
  •         Apply mixed release agent on mats, cauls, or press belts when using PMDI resins
  •         Apply PMDI or LPF adhesive in the blender
  •         Apply slack wax, tallow wax or e-wax in the blender
  •         Apply the optimal amount of surface moisture to increase production by decreasing time in the press
  •         Confidently transition to running full polymeric MDI products with non-stick press protection
  •         Mark nail lines on oriented strand board (OSB)


Spraying Systems’ Features

Depending on the type of spray systems you choose, you get different characteristics. However, both automatic spray nozzle systems from FlexFlow have an HMI touch screen that gives you precision control and intuitive operations. Your system should be able to operate at least 12 nozzles, but FlexFlow has an upgrade option that gives you control of 20 nozzles with 20 zones and 20 triggers.


The different zones give you precision control and operations of your entire system. Two people can operate your spray system from FlexFlow at the same time on the FlexFlow 2000 system. The spray system lets you match your spray volume to your conveyor speed to reduce waste and ensure even coverage. 

FlexFlow also offers a range of automatic spray nozzles, including the Hydropulse food-grade design, Hydropulse industrial design, and Hydropulse pneumatic design. You can pick two different air atomising nozzles from FlexFlow as well.

How to Use FlexFlow's Spray Systems

Our technicians will assist you in how to set your desired spray and operate each zone to get precision results for each application.

If you'd like to know more about FlexFlow, contact us. We're available to answer your questions and help you pick out the best system for your desired application.

Are you unsure of what nozzle or solution to use  for a certain type of application? Our expert engineers can help you choose


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