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Rotating tank cleaning heads that are better than spray balls

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3/03/2020 11:12:00 AM

Why not spray balls for tank cleaning

Spray balls and nozzles that use ball bearings to rotate the head, are considered an outdated technology for tank cleaning. Ball bearing races can become blocked with the material being cleaned from the tank; the result being a bacteria concentrator or the head simply stops spinning, either way the tanks do not get cleaned properly.

Contrary to popular belief, not all rotating CIP nozzles have internal bearings to make them spin. The M-Series tank cleaning device, available in Acetal, PVDF and PTFE, does not make use ball bearings to rotate the head, only the cleaning fluid itself; making it safer and more hygienic. 

Tank cleaning devices without ball bearings

The M-Series is a tank cleaning nozzle that ensures hydraulic cleaning action throughout all pressure ranges, even in low-pressure applications, where most other ball bearing type units can struggle. The patented M-Series design produces impact droplets through a range of pressure curves, reducing atomisation and increasing cleaning. The unique self-cleaning system ensures that contaminants are flushed through the bearing surfaces, keeping it spinning blockage-free.

Designed to directly replace fixed-drilled stainless spray balls, the M-Series incorporates a self-cleaning action, and unlike fixed stainless spray balls, it has the ability to flush contaminants that could block similar type units.

The M-Series performs very well in cold or difficult operating conditions, including tunnel and spiral freezers, where rotational impact cleaning is required at lower operating pressures with longer maintenance schedules. This tank cleaning machine can be disassembled for cleaning if required or left in place for longer periods when using special lock pin assembly clips. 

The M-Series is suited to either rinsing or cleaning of various sized tank’s, it is also available in three connection sizes: from 1” to 2” pipe sizes, each with interchangeable flow directors offering different flow rates and pressure operating ranges. OEM units can be supplied with the connection tube, ready to be slipped and clipped into the manufacturer’s inlet spray bar tubing.

The M-Series tank cleaners reduce water and chemical consumption, downtime, costs and CIP wash cycle times. They are the perfect replacement to spray balls as they resist clogging, clean more efficiently and work at lower operating pressures.

Spray Nozzle Engineering, New Zealand and Australia’s leading manufacturer and exporter of tank cleaning nozzles, offers solutions to clean tanks faster while saving water and chemical.

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Written by Cale Hart

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