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How to clean your industrial tanks in half-time at half the cost

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12/11/2019 11:23:00 AM

When reviewing cleaning processes for industrial vessels and storage tank equipment, it is important to consider factors such as contamination, product quality to meet today’s strict market standards. Many processing facilities are operating at maximum production levels and looking to improve their efficiency when it comes to minimising downtime in cleaning of process machinery and storage tank equipment.

How to clean industrial processing and storage tank equipment in less than half the time at half the cost

OEM process machinery and storage tank equipment are commonly fitted with basic static spray balls. A static spray ball has a spherical shape with numerous 1 to 2 mm drilled holes and various inlet connections. i.e. weld, tube clipped, female threaded etc. 

Inefficiencies with static spray balls

Static spray balls are commonly used for CIP processes and have many disadvantages:

  • High water usage
  • High chemical usage
  • Inferior jet impact cleaning
  • Spray droplets creating a ‘mist’ before impacting target surface
  • Clogging of nozzle orifices / holes due to recirculation CIP process
  • Hot and cold washing of tank wall surfaces 

All of the above lead to longer CIP times, increased water, chemical usage and more importantly inferior cleaning of tank wall surfaces to avoid cross contamination, hence possible re-cleaning of process machinery and storage tank equipment. Re-cleaning of equipment may occur on numerous occasions throughout the day, week, month or year.

 Quality rotary tank cleaning nozzles can significantly reduce water, chemical, time and money

A quality rotating tank washing head has two or more nozzles creating high impact solid liquid jets, scouring inner tank and tote interiors in a repeatable, reliable, 360-degree pattern, successfully delivering clean tank interiors allowing new batch processing after initial CIP. This can take less than half the time, thus using less water, chemical and time versus current methods, contributing to an increase in overall productivity and large savings with water, chemical and energy over the year.

Calculate your savings before buying a rotary tank cleaning machine

Below is a tank cleaning savings calculator which can help estimate potential time savings by optimising your tank cleaning process. Please click and discover how much extra time can be saved in your tank cleaning process, helping increase productivity in bringing your process machinery and storage tank equipment back on line faster. 

Learn how much time and water you can save with Gamajet tank cleaning nozzles

Spray Nozzle Engineering Pty Ltd is based both in Australia and New Zealand and have technical representatives that can help assist with all of your CIP tank cleaning needs, finding the best tank cleaning product to suit the smallest vessel to the largest of tank.

The company offers tank cleaning heads for industries such as:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Dairy Processing
  • Pharmaceutical and Personal Care
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Oil and Gas

Spray Nozzle Engineering offers a large range of tank cleaning machines suitable for applications such as:

  • Wine barrels and tanks
  • Milk silos
  • Cheese vats
  • Beer fermenters
  • Maturation vessels
  • IBC tote bins for food and chemical processing
  • Crude oil tanks and shipping vessels
  • Municipality storage tanks
  • Rail car and truck trailers
  • Stock and broke chests and more


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